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yoga iSibyl Buck

Sibyl Buck is an American musician, yoga instructor, and former
fashion model. Sibyl was born the 27th of May 1972 in Versailles, France. Her father was a teacher at the American school in Paris at the time, but he lost his job for being too radical for the French schooling system. So they moved to Virginia when Sibyl was just 6 weeks old. When Sibyl left college in 1992, where she studied art, she moved to Paris to start modeling. She thought she could go to school there or at least take some classes there, but she got too much work to think about anything else.

From then on it went up with Sibyl Buck and she started working for the big designers like Thierry Mugler, Carven, Chanel, Givenchy, Hanae Mori, Herve Leger. She was face of perfume “Tentations” from Paloma Picasso. She became famous for her piercings and her red hair. She got that idea from a comic book called “X-Men”. The trick to get it red, was to bleach it just to yellow and then put pillarbox red manic panic on it. In spite of her red hair and her piercings, she was even a favorite of conservative designer Yves Saint Laurent. Marie Claire, Elle , Depeche Mode printed her images. Modeling, she says, affords her the opportunity to continuously change her looks

After quitting the modeling industry in 1998, Buck became a mother and began playing rock music in bands. She played bass and sang in Champions of Sound with Chris Traynor of Orange 9mm and Helmet, and with Sergio Vega of Quicksand. In 2007 she recorded and performed with Joseph Arthur as a member of his backing band The Lonely Astronauts, and is credited as a musician on his Let’s Just Be album. Buck currently plays bass guitar for Bush, filling in for Corey Britz on tour.She also acted, playing the personal assistant of Zorg in the 1997 film, The Fifth Element.
In 2008, Buck moved to Topanga Canyon and became a full-time


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