AF Vandevorst Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

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The jackets and dresses of cotton- aluminum, which are sculpted to look savagely windblown. Not easy -to wear for everyday , those clothes, but they have genuine expressive effort. And anyway, there are plenty of practical stuff in collection , like the alluring silk separates in a feather print, or jumpsuits and jackets with interior backpack straps.

Some of the jumpsuits hit the flight theme too tough,though the simple and wearable looks here have a charming earth-to-down. A tailored vest in the feather print, paired with matching flared pants, is one look here appears the dresses with specially distressed pleats besides go beyond the banality, avoiding attitude of total chic and fancy .

I would like to say, this is a very beautiful and sophisticated collection than this brand have shown in a while.


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