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Andrew Gn in his autumn-winter collection 2015-2016 carried us from magical bosco and Andes Mountints to Venetian Palazzo.

      He showed this collection, 6 March in Paris. Theme of this is a story of a noble and bohemian family. “The frescoes of the ancestral palazzo still retain a faded splendor under the patina of the years. Times are changing, but life goes on with a sweet nonchalance. Along the canal, the long winter months are cold and damp. To keep warm, the tapestries and carpets that once adorned the house are transformed into cozy cocoon coats. The precious brocades,the embroidered silks, the rich trimmings buried inside dusty trunks are given a new life as dresses or blouses. A new wardrobe is reinvented with these wonderful heirlooms…”

      In collection designer was included 45 looks but there was nothing improvised about the resulting clothes. Fringe and macrame is plentiful on everything from a glistering black embroidered pony hair coat a wool flannel straight skirt and  crepe double-breasted jacket with hand knotted fringe. Designer made a focus on oversize coat’s with very sophisticated oriental- rug print: “Turkish Kilim”, “Star Kazak”, “Anatolian Arabesque”. These are embroidered micro-suede sequins with Mongolian lamb collar wearing over silk satin sleep or shift dresses.

     Hope that we will see celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba , constant clients of designer in crepe and mousseline gown with black thread  and cabochon arabesque embroidery , black crepe shift dress with bell sleeves and multi-coloured silk satin geometric appliqué or gold pleated mousseline gown with sweetheart neckline.

     Textures: pony hair, wool crepe, pleated mousseline, felted mohair, velvet, pleated gorgette.     Collection is pretty colourful: rose, aubergine, black, royal blue, emerald green, cream.

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