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      Japanese designer Junko Shimada presented her collection spring-summer 2016, 6 of October in Paris. Her named “the most parisian japanese” launched her own fashion house Junko Shimada in 1981 and participated in the fashion week in Paris. Between her artistic collaboration and japanese identity incredibly parisian attitude, pinning Junko Shimada and her style by a terse sentence is akin to describing Issey Miyake as a “guy who does pleats”. Also, Junko Shimada is a designer that created pieces worn by Lady Gaga.
      After the sea, beaches, Junko Shimada makes us travel through time and space in a tribute collection to a solar and radiant femininity. Junko Shimada invited the graffiti artist Hugo Cesto to collaborate on the decor as well as the collection or a print, developed especially on cotton and mousseline, embracing the silhouettes coupled with crepe dresses in primary colours. Bicolor pop mesh and sweat shirts applied with vynil’s to remind all the naivety of Californian hippies. Junko Shimada expressed her love for a certain form of orientalism. “Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time to travel,” added Shimada. “So I travel through my library. I open up books and follow the news to get some inspirations”. Once more, she delivered a collection of poetic intensity that continues to draw editors and clients. “My style is still the same, it is the shape that changes,” stated the designer.
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