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Chinese designer Guo Pei presented Haute Couture collection spring-summer 2017 for her label Guo Pei on 25 of January in Paris. This extraordinary collection was named “Legends”. Firstly, need to say, show was   demonstrated at Conciergerie, where last queen Marie-Antoinette was imprisoned during the French Revolution before being sent to the guillotine. Definetely, she was the central personage of collection. Designer was inspired by her tragical story, written and directed by Sofia Coppola in her film. In additional to this, Guo Pei was inspired of XVIII – century cathedral in the Swiss town of St. Gallen, where she had come to meet with textile manufacturer, Jakob Schlaepfer. And there is one more legend at this collection : The “queen of the catwalk”, 83-year-old American supermodel and actress Carmen Dell’Orefice will once again grace Guo Pei’s Haute Couture stage. This will be their second collaboration since 2010, when Dell’Orefice walked the catwalk in Guo Pei’s “1002 Nights” Haute Couture show in Beijing, China. “Legends have always been one of my greatest sources of inspiration, unlocking my infinite imagination. The origins of mankind, creation myths and the mysteries of eternal life fascinate me. A part of my soul will always hold on to the most beautiful fantasies inspired by legends.”  commented Guo Pei.


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