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     Congnacq-Jay Museum in Paris presented exposition ” Lumières : carte blanche à Christian Lacroix”. 

       Christian Lacroix style is unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque. He has accepted the dual challenge of renewing the “fil rouge” of the museum visiting atmosphere while showing on preferable theme to his artistic approach — costume. The carte blanche offered to Christian Lacroix to celebrate the reopening has given the collection a whole new breath of life. It was refreshed by classy lighting and chic decor, pieces by Fragonard, Watteau, Canaletto, Boucher and Rembrandt are finally being shown to their advantage. As well as curating the exhibition, Christian Lacroix has given the space new run up through clever use of deliciously modernised baroque wallpapers, carpets, rugs and wall. He is known for his theatrical style which came from his work while in the theatre. This usually shows up with his use of colour in the collections he designs. Along with this, he is also known for his ‘le pouf’ dress (featuring the ball skirt). From their inception, Christian Lacroix’s creations have been coveted and embraced by many great international fashion editors and stars. With his background in historical costume and clothing, Lacroix soon made headlines with his opulent, fantasy creations, including the short puffball skirt (“le pouf”), rose prints, and low décolleté necklines. He referenced widely from different style of  fashion history (the corset and the crinoline), folklore from many parts of the world . Also, he mixed all these features in his original and sophistication manner. He mixed the hot colours of the mediterranean region, a patchwork of patterns, and experimental fabrics, sometimes handwoven in local workshops.



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