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Kunihiko Morinaga created a new reflection of fashion reality in spring-summer 2016 collection for Andrealage japanese brand and shown that on 29 of September in Paris. All the silhouettes are made with reflective materials. Clothes reflect all the lights that they receive. The original fabrics are developed when they are flashed by light, resulting in the colors and patterns appearing. “The technique was developed in collaboration with an emerging company specialized in recursive reflective paint, displayed in markers and signs of construction sites. These clothes create a new reality in the reflection of the flashlight of cameras .You will see our expression both in the reality you see and in the reality inside the photographs which appear reflectingthe light” explained us creator.
A series of dresses attaching two skirts in vertical inversion. This series is an official collaboration with a film Star Wars. A design of stars in the Galaxy change into a hyperspace pattern when photographed with flash. High-heeled shoes look as if the sole is flipped upside down at the ground just like in a spectacular reflection. Also series of dresses attaching two trousers in vertical inversion. The leg openings of the upside-down trousers take the position of collars and the rest of the hems drop from the shoulders to the back. The reflective thread is unwoven by jacquard in the fabric. Collection is continous with a series of dresses and outerwear in horizontal reversal. Two pieces reflect each other to make a symmetrical form by moving the angle of the reflected line from the center.
Ichiro Yamaguchi of Sakanaction, a Japanese rock band joins as a sound director for this season. “The audio source of the show is recorded binaurally .Binaural recording means a way of recording, which reconstructs the stereophonic sound through the headphones so listeners can enjoy the realistic sensation as if they were there when it was originally recorded. All the guests at the show will wear headphones in order to share the environment where reality and the virtual world cross over “!
“We reflect the reality and present the dream through clothes”, that’s all.
P.s. Tim Blanks avoided headphones.
Last but not a least, show was a great even without “modern talking” technology!



anrealage_16ss_look_01_normal anrealage_16ss_look_02_flash anrealage_16ss_look_02_normal anrealage_16ss_look_03_flash anrealage_16ss_look_03_normal anrealage_16ss_look_04_flash anrealage_16ss_look_04_normal anrealage_16ss_look_05_flash anrealage_16ss_look_05_normal anrealage_16ss_look_06_flash anrealage_16ss_look_06_normal anrealage_16ss_look_07_flash anrealage_16ss_look_07_normal anrealage_16ss_look_08_flash anrealage_16ss_look_08_normal anrealage_16ss_look_09_flash anrealage_16ss_look_09_normal anrealage_16ss_look_10_flash anrealage_16ss_look_10_normal anrealage_16ss_look_11_flash anrealage_16ss_look_11_normal anrealage_16ss_look_12_flash anrealage_16ss_look_12_normal anrealage_16ss_look_13_flash anrealage_16ss_look_13_normal anrealage_16ss_look_14_flash anrealage_16ss_look_14_normal anrealage_16ss_look_15_flash anrealage_16ss_look_15_normal anrealage_16ss_look_16_flash anrealage_16ss_look_16_normal anrealage_16ss_look_17_flash anrealage_16ss_look_17_normal anrealage_16ss_look_18_flash anrealage_16ss_look_18_normal anrealage_16ss_look_19_flash anrealage_16ss_look_19_normal anrealage_16ss_look_20_flash anrealage_16ss_look_20_normal anrealage_16ss_look_21_flash anrealage_16ss_look_21_normal anrealage_16ss_look_22_flash anrealage_16ss_look_22_normal anrealage_16ss_look_23_flash anrealage_16ss_look_23_normal anrealage_16ss_look_24_flash anrealage_16ss_look_24_normal anrealage_16ss_look_25_flash anrealage_16ss_look_25_normal anrealage_16ss_look_26_flash anrealage_16ss_look_26_normal anrealage_16ss_look_27_flash anrealage_16ss_look_27_normal

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